Our Team

Mike Casey comes from a long lineage of real estate professionals. He is a graduate of the Investors United School of Real Estate Investing, Fortune Builders Mastery, and has well over 100+ deals under his belt and servicing well over $4,000,000 in funds from private lenders on successful renovations and rentals. His keen eye for acquisitions and knowledge on real estate financing has contributed to his ongoing success in the field. He is actively renovating properties throughout the Baltimore Area and plans to partake in real estate transactions for years to come.


Dan Schwartz is a graduate of the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, a musician, and business man first and foremost. His passions lie at the intersection of marketing, technology, real estate, creating smart business systems, and hiring the best possible team. Having been part of over 80+ transactions thus far w/ Equity Merchants, he plans on growing the company into a major investment and holding company providing top-notch real estate solutions to hundreds of investors and homeowners over the coming years.


Mimi Brooks: A recent addition to the company, Mimi is our Inside Sales and acquisitions assistant. She’s in charge of client relations, lead management, and coordinating transactions.

Carlos Zamora: A recent addition to the company, Carlos is our Outside sales and property dispositions manager. He’s in charge of lead management, deal analysis, marketing, and property sales.