Private Lending: Invest in Real Estate Passively

As you know, traditional financing for real estate has gotten increasingly difficult over these last few years. Investors across the country have turned to alternative funding strategies to increase their access to cash for acquisitions and to provide higher than normal interest rates to their private lenders. Win-win all around.

So, what is a Private Loan? It is a loan made to a real estate investor that is secured by the real estate itself. Private Loan Investors are given a first or second mortgage, officially recorded in the land records, that secures their legal interest in the property. The terms of the loan are agreed upon in a “Promissory Note” between the borrower and lender, and the lender is added to the insurance policy of the property. The loans are NOT high Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratios that the banks and savings and loan institutions make on homes. Since our company has mastered the art of finding UNDERVALUED distressed real estate, we offer very low LTV ratios to our Private Lenders to increase security of the loan. This means additional security on the investment, or a 75k loan on a house worth upwards of 100K…built in equity!  We offer a “wealth” of information on the subject (pun intended) located here on this website. To start your education, I suggest downloading the free report on “10 Specific Questions You Should Ask Before Ever Lending A Dime as a Private Lender”  

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Looking at private lending as a way to diversify your portfolio? Before you lend a dime, make sure you're asking these 10 questions on every deal to minimize your risk before jumping in.
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We offer a FREE VIDEO CLASS that Dan teaches, which is well over 1 hour of content describing the private lending process form start to finish. Learn invaluable information about ACTUAL deals we have done with our lenders.


Did you know you can lend on real estate using your IRA? We’ve put together some great information on how to use your retirement funds and earn income TAX FREE using an investment vehicle called the “Self-Directed IRA.” Learn all about Self Directed IRAs and more by hovering over “Private Lending” on the navigation bar up above and clicking on “Investing In Real Estate With Your IRA

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